Concrete cleaning

Tired of looking at dirty moldy concrete? We can clean your sidewalk/driveway with ease using a surface cleaner (as shown above). This eliminates any lines or streaks that a standard pressure nozzle would show. We can also remove rust stains and stains created from acorns or leaves.

Brick and side cleaning

Are the sides of your home green or dark colored? Let us make your home look new again! It can be brick, stucco, hardy plank, or wood, DNR can clean any siding that is discolored from mold.

Gutter cleaning inside and out

We can clean all your gutters! Have you noticed your gutters have black stains on the outside? DNR is able Let us get them to looking new again!

Window Cleaning

DNR can include this service whenever we are working near your windows. We use special window cleaner/squeegees and also remove and clean screens.

Wood cleaning and refinishing/staining

If your deck or fence has a dark color or is covered in green mold, we can clean and even refinish or stain them to look new again.

Calcium Removal

DNR can remove hard calcium build up from tile, brick, and stones around your pool or waterfalls.

Rust Removal

We can remove small or large rust stains from concrete and siding. The pictures shown were an extreme case. Normally rust stains from an AC drip line or small rust stains from steel patio furniture can be completely removed.

Roof Cleaning 

Brighten your home with a new looking roof! Our soft wash roof cleaning technique can rid dark mold and algae. If your roof isn't cleaned regularly, especially if the algae is visibly noticeable, it can lead to rapid deterioration of your shingles.

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